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Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead is the biggest joke and waste of money and time.

The tuition is about $13,000, which is appealing at first, but in only a few short weeks you will learn that the phrase "You get what you pay for" applies.

Ms. Cynthia is a sweet heart but a flat out liar. She is aware of all of the BS that goes on yet still will tell you what you want to hear to get you in the door.

Mr. Frank is the biggest cheap *** there is. Everything is money money money, he sells old beat up supplies that students have left, he charges for every little thing and the $800 kit you pay for is ***. It wouldn't even style a barbie's hair. Your supplies either break or stop working within weeks, even days, and YOU have to PAY for a replacement, even though the equipment provided for you is cheap and faulty.

The educators in this facility are the biggest joke.

First of all, this school is in THE HOOD. 90% of the school is hood rat black girls who can't get into college. They are constantly starting fights and disrupting any sort of sub-par education you are trying to receive.

Ms. Foster can't even read, yet she's teaching a class; Ms. Myrta is a floozy who is always on something, popping pills and cooing over her latest diet trends, Ms. Linda plays favorites, doesn't explain something if you don't understand it, gets in your business, and is a straight up ***. Ms. Rachelle... don't even get me started. She is the biggest drama queen. She thinks she's hot ***, will talk down to you like you are a peasant, and all she does is sit on her phone and talk to a new guy every week instead of instructing you.

The only person I learned ANYTHING from in this school is Ms. Diane. This woman is the sweetest woman I have ever met. She has a wonderful story behind her and she genuinely cares about her students. She will give out her personal cell phone number to make sure you get the help you need. She is wonderful and she deserves *** of a lot more money than that cheap *** pays her.

This school is a free for all. It is literally a circus. I know beauty school is only to teach the basics, but you barely learn that here. I passed my State board because I taught myself the material from the text book, and I worked closely with Ms. Diane and found an apprenticeship. (with no help from LIBS)

My first week there some spanish girl threatened to hit me in the face with a hot curling iron because I wouldn't tell her how to properly roll a barrel curl during a hands on exam. And NOTHING was done about it. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND FIND A BETTER SCHOOL. COMMUTING TO MANHATTAN MAY SEEM LIKE AN EXPENSE, BUT IN THE END YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID. I feel so ripped off and cheated out of a decent education; however I put all I could into it and worked with the right teacher and obtained my license. That was no help to LIBS though, So please.. if you are looking for good help... and a good education.. DO NOT go here.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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Not defending the terms used here, but in my experience at this school the 90% "hood rat" population was of all types of nationality/race. I wouldn't say that's a nice way to put it, but the quality of students who attended of ALL races really was not that great.

It was a very difficult environment to learn in as there were so many disruptive students, and the teachers didn't seem to care about teaching anyway. I will reiterate from these posts that Ms. Diane was the most dedicated to her students. Ms.

Laurine taught me alot, but I had to ask her personally to sit with me and demonstrate and discuss. I guess that's what happens after years of disruptive students though, I'm sure teaching is difficult when you only have a handful of students really pulling their weight to succeed. Ms. Laurine and I wound up developing a great mentor-student relationship once she realized how much I truly wanted to learn.

I didn't enjoy my time at the school but I took what lessons I could and got through it. As 1 of only 2 Caucasian students during my enrollment, I had a handful of wonderful girls, (black, Dominican, Korean) all who were willing to teach me the differences in hair textures and genetics of different hair. It definitely was a lot of what you made it, but I do really think this school needs some sort of evaluation and revamping.

Instructors, curriculum, modernized techniques. It could be a great school again, but it seems that the drive and ambition of the staff and instructors has really fallen to the wayside.


Made valid points but she sounds like a rasict ***


OMG I went through *** there.

They do everything on an old paper system that they themselves can't even keep track of!!

I had so many missing grades for exams that I had taken, and so many missing hours for days that I was there. They are such thieves! The only reason I didn't get stuck retaking tests or getting held back in the program was that I saved EVERY answer sheet with the date on it and what subject it was! YOU HAVE TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR OWN HOURS, ABSENCES AND GRADES.

Otherwise they will scam you out of more money. I have no idea how they are still an accredited school. Ms. Laurine quit while I was there, Ms.

Foster walked out of a class after fighting with a student, Ms. Sylvia retired, Ms. Rachelle actually became a teacher (that's a joke all in itself) Ms. Myrta..

i couldn't understand a word she said, I taught myself all there is about Haircolor. Mr. Frank took a student's number from the computer and texted her about getting coffee and going out for drinks and stuff.. it's such a joke.

The school is 90% hood rat, 8% Dominican housewife, 1.5% korean/thai/asian and .5% white girl just trying to learn. I hated it. I did the same thing too.. i taught myself and studied the text book and worked with Ms.

Diane to pass my state board. I got my license thank god, but I've paid for even more training because I didn't learn about anything there. I should send the bill to Mr. Frank and have him pay for my extra education because I paid more money to learn the things his school should have taught me.

I bet his father is rolling over in his grave. That school was wonderful when it first opened, I had family go there. This cheap skate ruined it.

I wonder how the one in hauppauge is.. anyone know about that?


I heard it's full it it also too bad but the one in nyc is good I hear!



So what race is the "90% hood rat"?

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