Hempstead, New York

The student began to shampoo my hair and blow dry my hair. She asked me how big do you want the twist.

I told her I want them really big. She tried to curl the ends with hot water and burned my scalp as a result. And then she blow dried my hair. The ends was not curled.

They was very unprofessional.When she finished I looked at my hair and noticed that the twist was small and that their was alot of spot that wasn't covered. I complained to the manager and she said it wasn't anything she could do about.

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First of all your scalp is soooooo thin anyway how in the world you asking the students for big twist and you are bald. The big twist would make your scalp appear even more Thin sorry that not the student problem that's your problem.


Read the first two words of your story...."The Student".....you went to a school expecting expert salon results.....willing to bet you got this done at cost or below as well....vice having to pay full salon prices. stop whinning


Thank youuuu

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