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this is for anyone looking to sign up for the HAUPPAUGE libs .FIRST OF ALL the admissions lady claudia lies to you . she tells you about how youll be learning extentions ,all the latest waxing and facials ..

funny thing is that ISNT included in the 13,900 you pay to go to the school. secondly - you go threw about 11 Mods (classes) EVERY teacher teaches you state board wrong . you finally findout after 10 months the right way if your lucky enough to have mrs. G .

next- they get you all excited for clinic 1 , cutting room and the color room when in reality all the teachers are VERY rude. ms linda loos for reasons to yell at you ms a has a attitude and ms choune is the nastiest of them all . they all care about servicing the clients rather then teach us . i only know a basic cutt and how to do a touch up after 9 months of being there .

you pay so much money but its not enough for them because they force you to do clients or you get sent home . they try and get you with a " what are you gonna do in the salom when you get a client not help them" cause theyd rather u make them money then learn. i missed out on many forms of cutting styles and many ways of dying hair and you can beg them to show you how to do whatever it was the next day and theyll refuse. okay now lets talk about staying after to makeup hours ..

if you want to practice styles on your friends hair theyll cause a HUGE scene .. i mean its hair school if we want to practice hair in our free time we should be aloud ! ms greene the supervisor is a very nasty lady . sometimes nice but mostly nasty .

to graduate you need to complete 5 tests "A-E tests" and you need to go to the front desk to ms bosco to get each test and she gives you the BIGGEST problem getting one meanwhile thats all she does. every few weeks the school has demonstartions and everyone gathers together to watch , but the school still accepts clients which makes the students servicing that cliente miss out on learning a new skill. i liked the sound of taking clients everyday unlike boces who takes clientes only fridays but now exsperincinh it i wish it was only fridays this way i would of learned . at 11 oclock libs gives students a 15 minute break which most students use that time to eat & teachers will constantly complain they shouldnt be eating meals its just a coffee break which is annoying considering most students go straight to work after school which means 11 is only chance they get to eat , personally its annoying.

ms pams the one who complains about it the most meanwhile she takes that time to eat a meal. the school had roaches in the clinic 1 . i wanted to state all of those reasons because when i went to sign up the only background i had is what claudia told me which wasnt all true .

if i were to go back in time id choose patchauge or riverhead boces because libs wasnt worth it at all. i hope yhis helps

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Thank you so much for this review I was considering libs, not anymore. Sorry you had to experience such horror in something that you're passionate about and should only experience knowledge and pleasure.

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