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If your looking to gain knowledge this is not the school for you. It's a very unprofessional ghetto establishment.

The $1000 kit is trash your ID isn't even included that's an additional $10. The instructors or very unprofessional its pretty much a joke. I'm so happy that I graduated I never have to deal with them again. While attending this "school" as a student I never felt valued.

Students would complain on a daily basis about conflicts that there having with their "teachers" and the students are ALL WAYS wrong. The "teachers " are full of drama during my last days of school this summer one of the apprentice teachers (Ms. Holmes) gets into a discussion with a student than discussed it with one of the students (*** black boy)....he agreed with everything she was saying look like he was kissing her *** they seem to be very close. I found that to be very unprofessional,didn't know if she was a student or teacher very immature of her.Ms.Aida walks around as if she's too good to help anyone.

Ms.fosters attitude is disgusting but she wants you to do well.I plan on writing to the board of higher education even though I've graduated things need to change. I wish those before spoke up before I came things would probably be different.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are entitled to your opinion. I will be starting next month as a new student and my main focus will be to learn to become a cosmetologist, anything other than that is irrelevant.

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