Strongsville, Ohio

I went to this school about 2 years ago. I signed up with the same dream as all the other girls/boys just to be let down.

I want people to be aware before they waste their money here. They give you a set of hours you get to miss and these hours are barley enough to get you through the year. They make you pay 2.50 per hour you miss and make you make up the hours on your own time, regardless if you work after school they do not care. I was charged an EXTRA $1200 just to graduate.

This school is just the worst. I had a passion in doing hair and make up. I started out thinking this was going to be the best time of my life, learning what I love to do. Just to be let down.

I learned that in this industry every person who surrounds you is catty. And I mean EVERY person. I would watch girls pretend to be friends with one girl just to have her turn her back for second and that was enough time to make fun of her. Besides that, the teachers made me feel useless.

I had questions I was AFRAID to ask because I felt as if my own teachers were also judging me. They picked their favorites and if you weren't one of them you were not treated equally. I want Long Island Beauty School to know that they've changed my faith in this industry & that I no longer do hair and I haven't since I've graduated that school. They made me feel lower than I've ever felt.

I've had no hope in myself since I've went to this school. recently I received a phone call from one of the heads in there and asked to see how I was doing.

I refuse to call back. Sorry this is so long but please don't waste your time or money going here.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm so very sorry to read about your experience at that school. Breaks my heart.

I can't tell you how many students feel exactly the way you do. I've been in the Beauty Industry for over 18 years and it's been the most rewarding and lucrative experience. I got into education 5 years ago and I've sat with students such as yourself with such excitement and passion only for it to be squashed a couple of months into the program. I've seen it as a Salon Owner, not being able to find hardworking, talented stylist with integrity.

It's a horrible cylcle and the industry has been down graded because of it. That's why I decided to open my own Professional Beauty Academy. I took all of my experience plus everything my past students have complained about and combined that with what Salon Owners are looking for. I added a Business program so my students would graduate with a diploma in Business as well as Cosmetology or Makeup.

Our programs are flipped compared to all the other schools. We focus about 90% on your beauty industry career & skill set and 10% on state board. We run state board drills at the end so your fully prepared to pass your exam for licensure and completely prepared to begin working as a Professional in the Industry upon licensure. The best part is that we are 100% student focused and are committed to your success!

Our tuition is the lowest in NY and we offer the best, top of the line EVERYTHING! We don't believe in debt so our students graduate with zero loans to repay and start making money right away! My point is, it's stories like yours that motivated me to put everything I had on the line and open a school that would DELIVER on its promises and upgrade the industry one professional at a time! Don't give up on your dream!

Constantly educate yourself and work hard.

Despite all the nonsense around you, block it out and focus on your career! You can do it!!!

@Lisa Tagliabue

Good afternoon, Can you email me more information about your beauty school. I am very interested. My email

@Lisa Tagliabue

Please email me info on your school

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