Hauppauge, New York

This was the most terrible experience my daughter had! All the teachers and staff are very abusive with their mouths.

They cursed my child out all day and told her that your not going to be anything when she gets out of this school. The teachers ( if that's what you want to call them) have no talent or skills thats why their there and not in a salon. The students have to change mods every few weeks and every teacher teaches their own way and the students gave no idea which way is right or wrong for state board. Also the students are really bad as well and want to fight all the time.

This is a low class school with a very bad element of students and teachers. They need their license revoked. I am calling the state on them ASAP. My daughter has been abused by the students and was afraid to go on break and go to the car and the owner and teachers could of cared less.

Ms Green said if you want to kill each other just take it outside not in class. She was the worst! Very evil. Ms.

G curses every day and is very abusive. The teachers are not for the students whatsoever! They take each other's side. If one teacher doesn't like you then they tell the other teacher and they torture you as a student.

They are not going to get away with this. The state is being called and they will be shut down!!

Monetary Loss: $13900.

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If your daughter is old enough to go to beauty school she is old enough to do her own complaining. It is time to let her grow up and fight her own battles.

She is being trained to work in the real world and has to learn how to get along with all types of people.

Unless you are there every day to witness what is actually going on you don't know the facts. To me it sounds like your daughter whines to you like a little baby would.


Wow you clearly work for the school.. dumb ***!

I will never go there ever!!

Thank goodness I did my research.. you could go play in traffic ***

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